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Vehicle Mods

You can set colours to be adjustable, when a user enters the garage screen and clicks New colours.

This is done by giving some of the mappings a special name. Each mapping has a colour, but sometimes you want several mappings to have the same colour. For example the top and side mappings of a car. You can define a "Main" colour and "Copied" colours. So for example you could set top mapping to be a Main colour, then assign the side, front and rear mappings to be Copied colours of the top. Main colours are identified by the letter M followed by a number, while copied colours are identified by the letter C followed by the same number.

Taking the example above, you could name your mappings (colours) like this:


As soon as you set the names this way, you will notice the C1 colours aren't adjustable in the Modeller. You can adjust the M1 colour and all the C1 colours will take the same value. Also this colour is now adjustable by the user, in the settings block. You can see that in the vehicle editor in the Colours section.

You can allow more than one customisable colour group, as seen on some of the LFS cars. This is done by creating M2 / C2 colours, up to a maximum of 4 customisable colours.

Note 1: You can use copied colours without them being adjustable by users. Use higher values than 4. E.g. M5_original and C5_copy.

Note 2: Customisable colours are also available for subobjects. To use this feature, select the subobject and switch on use custom colours.

Dark colours

You can create a darker copy of the main colour, by using the prefix D for dark or E for extra dark. This can be useful to fake reduced ambient lighting if you are adding surfaces in a place where there should be less light. For example:

M1_main - the user can set this colour
C1_copy - direct copy of M1_main
D1_dark - darker copy of M1_main
E1_extra - extra dark copy of M1_main

Usage with multiple configurations

If you happen to have different configurations on your model and each configuration has its own separated different mappings and cutouts and you want to assign all of them to a single color slider that will be colourable by the user, then you should name each configuration with the same Main color name.

For example we have 4 configurations, the first one have couple of mappings named as such:

M2_Con1 Top
C2_Con1 Back
C2_Con1 Front
C2_Con1 Side R
C2_Con1 Side L

Then the other configurations should have the same names but with a little difference which is the configuration number such as:

M2_Con2 Top
C2_Con2 Back

This applies to all configurations you may have, this method ensures that whenever a user selects a random configuration, it will have that adjustable color slider. As sometimes this slider can be missing in one of the cons due to improper naming.