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In the Aerodynamics section of the Vehicle Editor, the sliders set the downforce values for a theoretical speed of 1 m/s, for a wing at the maximum angle of attack 30 degrees. These values are related to the square of speed, so at 10 m/s the downforce and drag values will be far higher than the theoretical values. You can see a representation of the downforce and drag at various speeds in the Downforce tab at the bottom right of the screen.

  1. Hide the bottom right editor buttons by clicking the button in bottom right corner
  2. Select the Downforce tab of the default setup
  3. Adjust the Test speed to see how much force you will get with the default wing settings

NOTE: The downforce and drag forces are applied at the locations of the aerodynamic subobjects of the model. In the modeller, in 'subob' mode, these subobjects are shown in blue and have a letter code indicating their subobject type:

  • R - rear wing
  • F - front wing
  • U - undertray
  • C - aero centre