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Subobject mode in Modeller

Subobject mode (or 'subob' mode) is an editing mode in the Modeller, a part of the LFS Editor.

Entering the subobject mode

  1. 1 Open the Modeller.
  2. 2 Click the subob button at the top left or press 1.

Object types

The vehicle model consists of a main object and optionally one or more subobjects.

Main object

This is usually the vehicle body, excluding small independent parts or special objects like the steering wheel, wipers etc.


Subobjects are standalone 3D models belonging to the vehicle model. They can be loaded or saved independently of the main object.

There are several types of subobjects that can be created, such as steering wheel, internal mirror, brakes, mudguards, wings and other attachments.

Selecting subobjects

You can select a subobject with Ctrl + LMB while pointing at one of its surfaces.