BMW Sauber F1.06

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BMW Sauber F1.06
Short name BF1
Class single-seater
License S2
Introduced 0.5S
Resemblance real
Body and chassis
Layout mid-engine rear-wheel drive
Seats 1
Engine 2.4L V8
Power 537 kW (720 bhp)
@ 19036 RPM
Torque 284 Nm (209 lbft)
@ 16797 RPM
Power/weight 1012 W/kg (1378 bhp/ton)
Transmission 7-speed paddle shift gearbox
Suspension and wheels
Suspension Front: double wishbone
Rear: double wishbone
Steering wheel rotation 400° (1.1 turns)
Kerb weight 530 kg (1168 lbs)
Weight distribution 46.3 F 53.7 R
Fuel capacity 95 L
Traction control  Yes
Pit speed limiter  Yes
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Formula V8
BMW Sauber F1.06 on

BMW Sauber F1.06 is the real 2006 BMW Sauber Formula One car.

The real BMW Sauber F1.06. Incredibly fast in every way. You'll need to drive absolutely on the limit to get the most out of it. You don't need to lift or even use a gearstick for shifting - the onboard electronics will do it faster than you ever could.


The BMW Sauber F1.06 was introduced in version 0.5S on April 21, 2006. Before its introduction, a set of teasers were posted on the LFS website, accompanied by a photo of the BMW Sauber car.

The old Blackwood forest guru once said, "better waste a minute in life, than life in a minute". But who needs a minute in Blackwood?

It was referring to the fact that the BMW Sauber can drive around the Blackwood GP Track in less than a minute.

Setup tip

Stiff suspension is way to go here, the tyres flex enough you just don't need the springs to. This also means you can use stiff anti-roll bars without screwing up the handling. High wing angles are needed to increase traction and make use of all that power. The traction control is definately useful to stop you pushing too hard. 4% is a good beginners limit. Hardcore players like to leave it off all-together.

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