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Short name XRG
Class FR
License demo
Introduced 0.04k
Resemblance fictional
Body and chassis
Body style 3-door coupé
Layout front-engine rear-wheel drive
Seats 5
Related XR GT Turbo
Engine 1.8 L inline 4
Power 104 kW (139 bhp)
@ 5988 RPM
Torque 187 Nm (138 lbft)
@ 4512 RPM
Power/weight 91 W/kg (124 bhp/ton)
Transmission 5-speed H-pattern gearbox
Suspension and wheels
Suspension Front: MacPherson strut
Rear: MacPherson strut
Tyre compounds knobbly
road normal
Steering wheel rotation 900° (2.5 turns)
Wheelbase 2453 mm (96.6 in)
Length 4290 mm (168.9 in)
Width 1780 mm (70.1 in)
Height 1332 mm (52.4 in)
Kerb weight 1150 kg (2535 lbs)
Weight distribution 52 F 48 R
Fuel capacity 65 L
ABS  Yes
Traction control  No
Pit speed limiter  No
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XR GT on LFS.net

XR GT is a rear-wheel drive, front engined coupe, similar to a Mitsubishi Starion.

A perfect car for practicing the fine art of driving RWD on the limit. Plenty of power to keep even the most tail happy drivers amused, but not enough to brown your pants on every exit. A car that will pave the way to handling some of the more frightening motors out there in LFS. A good match for the XFG although slightly faster (in a straight line)!

Setup tip

A fairly neutral setup is best for this car since it suffers very little from power oversteer. Play with differential locking so you can steer with the throttle to your liking.

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