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Short name MRT
Class single-seater
License S1
Introduced 0.3E
Resemblance real
Body and chassis
Layout mid-engine rear-wheel drive
Seats 1
Engine 600 cc turbocharged inline 4
Power 48 kW (64 bhp)
@ 7871 RPM
Torque 69 Nm (51 lbft)
@ 5078 RPM
Power/weight 217 W/kg (296 bhp/ton)
Transmission 6-speed motorbike gearbox
Suspension and wheels
Suspension Front: double wishbone
Rear: double wishbone
Steering wheel rotation 270° (0.8 turns)
Wheelbase 1769 mm (69.6 in)
Length 2830 mm (111.4 in)
Width 1320 mm (52 in)
Height 1134 mm (44.6 in)
Kerb weight 221 kg (487 lbs)
Weight distribution 37.5 F 62.5 R
Fuel capacity 20 L
Traction control  No
Pit speed limiter  No
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MRT5 is a small open-wheel racecar somewhat larger than a kart, based on the real MRT5 built by the McGill Racing Team to compete in the Formula SAE championship.

Based on the real MRT5 built by the McGill Racing Team and competing in the Formula SAE championship this lightweight car is ideal for autocross tracks and slow configurations. The MRT5 is fun to drive and reminds you of a kart although it has more power and a differential. See the official website (archived).


Initially, the MRT5 was introduced in a special Christmas test patch 0.3D16 on Dec 11, 2003, which allowed the community to test the car before it was introduced in patch 0.3E (also called Patch S1E) four days later, on Dec 15, 2003. It was the first car in LFS, that was of resemblance to a real, existing car. An updated version of the MRT was released in the 0.7A patch on Dec 16, 2021, along with vehicle mods. The update included a new steering wheel, slightly wider tyres, an improved frame and other minor updates.

Fun fact: in an S1 (S2?) Progress Report published on Jan 31, 2004, Scawen mentioned that after the release of the MRT5, he did some work on a car called MRT6, including modelling and programming for unsprung wings. Two screenshots were attached to this article, showing off the massive front and rear wings of the never-released MRT6.

Setup tip

This car is best with SOFT suspension. Understeer is certainly not needed in the springs, it hurts turning too much. Just adjust antiroll bars to get the balance you want. Also, this car is extremely sensitive to differential settings. Use the viscous differential and keep it fairly open (low single digits). Very low tyre pressures. Rear toe comes in handy again here.

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