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Short name LX6
Class LRF
License S1
Introduced 0.3A
Resemblance fictional
Body and chassis
Body style roadster
Layout front-engine rear-wheel drive
Configurations default
open roof
Seats 2
Related LX4
Engine 1.8 L inline 6
Power 142 kW (190 bhp)
@ 8402 RPM
Torque 173 Nm (128 lbft)
@ 7066 RPM
Power/weight 263 W/kg (358 bhp/ton)
Transmission 6-speed H-pattern gearbox
Suspension and wheels
Suspension Front: double wishbone
Rear: double wishbone
Tyre compounds knobbly
road normal
road super
Steering wheel rotation 900° (2.5 turns)
Wheelbase 2340 mm (92.1 in)
Length 3311 mm (130.4 in)
Width 1622 mm (63.9 in)
Height 1047 mm (41.2 in)
Kerb weight 539 kg (1188 lbs)
Weight distribution 48 F 52 R
Fuel capacity 40 L
Traction control  No
Pit speed limiter  No
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LX6 on LFS.net

LX6, much like the LX4, sports a more powerful engine, although this weighs it down more, you'd never realise given the way it accelerates.

Take the LX4, swap the engine for a 1.8 litre inline 6, and you have the LX6. So what's the big deal? It's a touch heavier, has a slightly more balanced weight distribution (due to the heavier lump up front) and, most importantly, more power. It's trickier to drive, so if you've not driven an LX style car before the LX4 is a better starting point. Since the LX8 has been canned by the UF GTR upon the release of S2, this is the fastest LX style car available in LFS at the moment.


LX6 was released on July 17, 2003 as a part of the initial S1 release. This is what the LFS developers wrote about LX6 in the original announcement:

Being a lightweight car with a powerful engine, the LX6 has great acceleration and quick steering, resulting in having superior laptimes compared with all the other cars available. We must point out that although we originally said that a more powerful rwd car would be included, at that time we weren't exactly sure which kind of car it would be. When we had decided on the LX6, we changed that text to "a quicker rwd car", because in fact the LX6 has less absolute power than the turbo car, but is faster in all situations on the the track. It's really fun to drive, and takes some concentration to handle! :)
—LFS Team

Setup tip

These cars need a fair amount of understeer in the springs to keep them controllable. Don't go silly with the spring rates though. Low tyre pressures are needed. Keep the diff as open as possible on the power side and reasonable well locked on the coast side. Some rear toe comes in very handy here.

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