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Short name LX4
Class unclassified
License S1
Introduced 0.3A
Resemblance fictional
Body and chassis
Body style roadster
Layout front-engine rear-wheel drive
Configurations default
open roof
Seats 2
Related LX6
Engine 1.3 L inline 4
Power 105 kW (141 bhp)
@ 8227 RPM
Torque 131 Nm (97 lbft)
@ 6891 RPM
Power/weight 210 W/kg (286 bhp/ton)
Transmission 6-speed H-pattern gearbox
Suspension and wheels
Suspension Front: double wishbone
Rear: double wishbone
Tyre compounds knobbly
road normal
road super
Steering wheel rotation 900° (2.5 turns)
Wheelbase 2340 mm (92.1 in)
Length 3505 mm (138 in)
Width 1574 mm (62 in)
Height 1047 mm (41.2 in)
Kerb weight 499 kg (1100 lbs)
Weight distribution 46 F 54 R
Fuel capacity 40 L
Traction control  No
Pit speed limiter  No
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LX4 on LFS.net

LX4 is a rear-wheel drive, front engined car not too dissimilar to the Caterhams and Westfields of this world.

Tipping the scales at a mere 499 kg, the LX4 is a pretty light car and is quite fast around the twisted S1 tracks. Compared to its bigger brother, the LX6, the LX4 is easy to drive and ideal for beginners to learn how to control an LX-style car.


LX4 was released on July 17, 2003 as a part of the initial S1 release.

During July 2007, there was an official competition called LX Month, which had 3 autocross (one weekly) and 2 skinning competitions, both with prizes. For the autocross event, three layouts were created for the three weeks (still included in current LFS: select the Autocross environment and choose one of the three layouts), with separate leaderboards for each. Prizes for the autocross competition included a TrackIR 4 head motion tracker, a TripleHead2Go external multi-display adapter and a Logitech G25 steering wheel, for the winners of three weeks, respectively. Each week's runner-up prizes included a shirt of their choice from the LFS Shop, a £12 LFS voucher (for license upgrades), and places 4th to 10th won 2000 free high resolution skin downloads each. The LX skinning competition accepted skins for both LX4 and LX6, with three winners being picked through open voting and the developers choices. Prizes for the skinning competition comprised of the 3-3 winning skins being included in the to-be-released "LFS S2 final" version and 20 Eur credits at the official LFS Merchandise Shop. The event was sponsored by NaturalPoint, Matrox and Logitech.

Setup tip

These LX cars need a fair amount of understeer in the springs to keep the controllable. Don't go silly with the spring rates though. Low tyre pressures are needed. Keep the diff as open as possible on the power side and reasonable well locked on the coast side. Some rear toe comes in very handy here.

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