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LFS Editor
Vehicle Mods

Vehicle mods can have various lights like headlights, indicators, etc. This is done in the Modeller using special texture mappings.

  • All light mappings have a name with prefix l_.
  • The cutouts for all light mappings must share a single texture page.

The special names for light mappings are:

Mapping Description
l_brk brake (main mapping of brake light)
l_sbrk side brake (e.g. side of a curved brake light)
l_tbrk top brake (e.g. top of a curved brake light)
l_cbrk centre brake (e.g. brake light in rear window)
l_head headlight (main headlights)
l_side side light (smaller lights near headlights)
l_tail tail light (red rear lights)
l_stail side tail light (e.g. side of a curved tail light)
l_ttail top tail light (e.g. top of a curved tail light)
l_rind rear indicator
l_find front indicator
l_rsind rear side indicator
l_fsind front side indicator
l_rfog rear fog light
l_ffog front fog light
l_rev reversing light