Moving parts of a model to a different model in LFS Editor

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This is done by saving a subobject from one mesh and loading that subobject into another mesh. In subob mode, with a subobject selected, you can see light green load and save buttons beside the word subobject at the bottom left. These will load and save subobjects with the extension '.sre' in the folder data\3dob.

But what if the parts you want to move are not part of a subobject? In this case you can use the 'break off' and 'merge' functions.

  • Create a new empty subobject
  • Select the triangles in the main object that you want to move to another object
  • Click the break off button
  • The triangles (and mappings) are moved into the new subobject
  • Save the subobject
  • Load the mesh where you want to add the subobject
  • Add a new, empty subobject to that mesh
  • Load the saved subobject into your new empty subobject and move it to the right position
  • Optionally, click merge into main to merge the new subobject into the main object
  • You can also break traingles from a subobject to another subobject. to do that you'll have to add a new subobject, select the traingles that you want to break from the original subobject then click break off button.