Vehicle Mod Mirrors

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In the Modeller, a mirror texture is a special texture called s_mirr which looks black in editor but produces a real mirror image in game.

How to assign a mirror texture to a side mirror

1. Texture page

  1. Enter the Modeller - E.
  2. Go to texture page mode by clicking the page button.
  3. Click add new page.
  4. Once the "Select PNG texture" dialog appears, enter s_mirr and press OK.

2. Texture cutout

  1. Go to the texture cutout mode by clicking the cutout button.
  2. Click add new cutout, enter a name for it and press OK.
  3. Check the assigned texture page of the newly created cutout in the "texture page" column. If it doesn't already say s_mirr, click the page name and select s_mirr from the list of pages on the right side of the screen.

3. Texture mapping

  1. Go to the texture mapping mode by clicking the map button.
  2. Switch to any 2D view (e.g. front view by clicking the f button in the viewport controls at the bottom right, or pressing the F key.
  3. Press and hold the right mouse button and drag a rectangle in the car model area to create a yellow "drag box" for the mapping.
  4. Click add new mapping, enter a name for it and press OK.
  5. Click the assigned cutout of the newly created mapping in the "cutout" column.
  6. Select the correct cutout from the list of cutouts on the right side of the screen.

4. Assigning the mapping to triangles

  1. Go to triangle mode by clicking the tri button.
  2. Select the triangles representing the mirror surface.
  3. In the bottom left part, you will see all existing mappings. Click the newly created mapping.